Empowering Local Governments on the Importance of Renewable Energy

Janathakshan (Gte) Ltd and People In Need, Czech Republic conducted an awareness workshop for the provincial level officials in the Central Province on Monday March 30, 2015 at the Cinnamon Citadel, Kandy from 0930 – 1200h. The workshop was held through the EU SWITCH-Asia Initiative Up-scaling Biogas Technology for Sustainable Development and Mitigating Climate Change in Sri Lanka and aimed to build awareness on biogas technology and initiate steps towards creating a Provincial Biogas Programme in the Central Province.

The workshop was an important initiative for the Central Province as Kandy has the second highest daily waste composition (approximately 150 tonnes) and a daily migrant population of nearly 85000 vehicles. Explaining the initiatives taken by the Kandy Municipal Council, Engineer Namal Dissanayake from the Kandy Waste Management Centre emphasised on the need for Municipal Councils to work in collaboration with the public.

“It is important to incorporate the presence and participation of the public when attempting to implementing initiatives. Managing waste is not an easy task but it is definitely something that can be done if small steps are taken to build a solid foundation of both solid waste management and a change in attitude in the public, towards the situation. Today, the Municipal Council is proud to say that the Kandy public is both co-operative and takes initiative to keep their surroundings clean,” he said.

Complementing the initiatives taken by the Kandy Municipal Council, the workshop was able to successfully build the required foundation towards creating a Provincial Biogas Programme (PBP) for the Central Province. The PBP, formed under the Department of Local Government will ensure sustainability and empowerment at provincial level. The Project has two functional PBPs at present, in Galle and Kurunegala.

The EU funded SWITCH-Asia initiative sets out to create an enabling environment for biogas as a reliable source not only for solid waste management but also clean and renewable energy. Moreover, bio-digesters also emit a bio-slurry, an organic fertiliser that can be used in home gardens or large farms. Today, Cinnamon Citadel not only has a bio-digester in place but also uses its bio-slurry as a fertiliser for its vegetable patches that are used for its daily culinary requirements.


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