International Workshop on Small and Medium-Scale Biogas: Innovations Driving Effective Growth of the Biogas Sector

Asia is the centre of domestic biogas development with close to 50 million operational units installed. Medium scale biogas is taking increasingly on significance, especially as waste management solution, with thousands of installations in such facilities as hotels, textile and food-processing factories, public buildings and markets.

People in Need (PIN) has been supporting this development in Cambodia and Sri Lanka aiming to develop sustainable biogas sectors. In Sri Lanka, with the financial support of the EU SWITCH Asia program, since 2014 PIN has been implementing a project which should help create an enabling environment for successful, large-scale, commercially viable dissemination of biogas for households and the hotel sector.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation has developed expertise in biogas sector over the past 25 years from an initiative with a single manufacturer in Nepal to a vibrant network throughout Asia, benefitting millions of people living in energy poverty. In the years that followed, the replication of the lessons learned led to successful biogas programs in Africa and Latin America; by the end of 2014 the programs supported by SNV have reached the milestone of having 660,000 bio digesters installed worldwide.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been providing substantial financial support to biogas programs and projects in number of Asian countries and has established the Energy for All Partnership (E4ALL), a regional platform for cooperation, knowledge and technical exchange and project developing bringing together key stakeholders from private sector, financial institutions, governments, bilateral, multilateral and non-governmental development partners which is to further develop the biogas sectors in Asia.

In order to achieve large-scale dissemination of biogas in sustainable way, the partnership between public and private stakeholders in the sector will need to further evolve. Can innovations of both technical/technological and policy/financing nature speed up this endeavour? Over the recent years, number of different actors have come up with a wide range of innovative solutions to scaling up of renewable energy technologies including biogas – conducive conditions to generate the much needed investments, accessible funding schemes, innovative marketing approaches, policy frameworks and last but not least technological innovations like pre-manufactured bio digesters or improved models. Given this need of innovation to drive effective growth of the biogas sector in Asian countries PIN, SNV, Ministry of Power and Energy of Sri Lanka, UNDP/NAMA project, HELP-O and Janathakshan in cooperation with the ADB/E4ALL and financial support of European Union are organising an International Biogas Workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This workshop has the following objectives:

  1. To share Sri Lanka experience regarding the progress and challenges facing the domestic and medium-scale biogas programmes (presentations, discussion, field visit);
  2. To present, discuss and advance innovations including innovative finance mechanisms and policy instruments; technical innovations; innovative institutional set-up and public-private partnerships; innovative marketing/promotional approaches and tools (presentations and discussion).

About 80 persons are expected to participate in the workshop. This diverse group will consist of representatives from the private sector, civil society, academia and government in Asian countries, representatives from development partners and banks (15 persons) and stakeholders from the biogas sector in Sri Lanka (35 persons).

The workshop is open to all interested stakeholders. There is no registration fee, but all related (logistical) costs and arrangements must be borne by workshop participants; no reimbursements will be offered. ADB and PIN will invite a limited number of stakeholders to participate in the workshop on the basis of sponsorship.

The co-organisers seek compelling proposals that inform on innovations in the areas of technology, marketing/promotion, financing and policy of small and medium scale biogas. Presentation proposals, ideally in .doc or .pdf format, should be limited to 100 words and provide enough detail for reviewers to fully understand what the presentation will entail.
For further information, submission of presentation proposals and to register, please contact Tuan Arifeen of PIN Sri Lanka on [email protected]

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