Case Studies

From Firewood Collection to Palmyrah Handicrafts

Living in the dry zone in Chenkaladi, Batticaloa, Rajeshwari once travelled nearly 10km into a nearby dense jungle area to gather firewood for cooking. Her compound comprises two houses, hers and sisters, which meant a total collection of firewood for eleven people for one week. However, as the years went by the practice proved to be more troublesome and she would find herself further in the jungle area as a result of the land reclamation that took place following the end of war.

“Most Harvest Gathered after using Bio-slurry”

T.R. Sisira Kumara is a man who wears many hats. He juggles two primary careers simultaneously, a fibreglass manufacturer and a farmer. Moreover, he is also involved with our EU-funded initiative on “Up-scaling Biogas Technology for Sustainable Development and Mitigating Climate Change in Sri Lanka” in the capacity of manufacturing fibreglass biogas units especially the Sri Lak Umaga fibre dome type.

“Easy and Convenient Solution for Waste Management ”

A retired government servant, Wijeyadasa is also a farmer at heart and owns a paddy field and was recommended biogas as a sustainable waste management technology by a friend who had also invested on the same.